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Pinterest is a great place to brand yourself, serve your audience with great content and grow your email list. A great way to confirm how legit you are is claiming (also known as verifying) your website on Pinterest. It’s one of the most important steps of starting a business account. Why? You’ll soon see.

In this post, we’ll talk about why claiming your website is important and how to do it (without a line code). I’m also going to introduce claiming social profiles on Pinterest which is a new feature.



As I said, claiming your website is one of the most important steps of starting a business account and it has to be done before you can apply for Rich Pins. It may sound weird but this small change can seriously increase your chances of sending traffic to your content, growing an audience and build your business.

Claiming your website signals to Pinterest that you are an authentic business and Pinterest should be distributing your content. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest is business and content creator-friendly and always helping your content get seen (if only you make the effort). After verifying, all and any pins coming from your domain will be automatically associated with your profile. Your profile photo and name will be added to the pin and users can click through to your website – this helps build brand awareness.

Another great benefit you’ll get by verifying your website is access to is website analytics with information on what content your audience interacts with and saves the most and how your pins are doing.


Craft a Successful Pinterest Presence Roadmap for Women Creatives & Coaches




To claim your website, you’ll have to have a Pinterest business account (click to learn how to convert from a personal account).

As of now, you can only claim one website by one Pinterest account and it has to be either your main website domain ( or a subdomain ( but not subpages like

NB! This instruction is WordPress specific. If you’re using Squarespace, please refer to their instruction.

Step 1. Log into Pinterest, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings.

Step 2. Under settings scroll until you see Claim section. Enter your URL and click Claim.

Step 3. Pick claim option will come up.


You can claim your website either by adding a meta tag to your website header or uploading an HTML file to your website’s root folder. For most people adding a meta tag into the header is easier but for the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to show you both ways.



Step 1. To add a tag into the header of your website, pick Add HTML tag and select Next.

Step 2. You’ll need to copy the code into the head section of your site so copy to the clipboard before moving on and leave the Pinterest window open.

There are two ways to add the code into the header. First, check your theme options – you might have a script option built in. In that case, paste the code under header scripts and save changes.

If your theme doesn’t have a script option, simply install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin and activate it.

Step 3. Navigate to Settings -> Insert Headers and Footers and paste the code under Scripts in Header. Click Save.

Step 4. Go back to Pinterest to finish the process. Click Next in the Pick Claim Option window you left open earlier.

You’ll be taken back to the settings page and there should be a green confirmation that the review process is happening. You’ll receive a confirmation email. The process can take up to a day but generally, it happens within 30 minutes. My website was confirmed within 15 minutes.

Every once in awhile Pinterest glitches and it doesn’t work. In that case, go through the process again.



Step 1. From the Pick claim option window select Upload HTML file and download the file. Don’t close the Pinterest tab yet.

The HTML file usually looks like this:

This HTML file has to be uploaded to your website’s root folder. On WordPress, the root folder is usually called public_html.

If you can access your web hosting files via a platform like cPanel, you can upload it directly to your server. Another option is to use an FTP client. Directions may vary a little depending on your web host so ask for help or use the HTML tag method because it’s easier.

In this tutorial, I assume you can access your web hosting files via cPanel.

Step 2. Log into your cPanel and select File Manager.

Step 3. In the server folder tree on the left side click on your root folder. On WordPress, the root folder is usually called public_html. You’ll now see the contents of your root directory on the right side. This is where you’ll upload the HTML file.

Step 4. On the top menu select Upload.

In the File Upload window upload your file.

Refresh the directory. Your file should now be there.

Step 5. Go back to Pinterest to finish the process. Click Next in the Pick Claim Option window you left open earlier.

You’ll be taken back to the settings page and there should be a green confirmation that the review process is happening. You’ll receive a confirmation email. The process can take up to a day but generally, it happens within 30 minutes. My website was confirmed within 15 minutes.



Pinterest is always changing and adding new features. As of October 2018, you can now also claim your Instagram, Etsy and YouTube accounts on Pinterest. Just like any pins from your claimed website will be attributed to you, your Pinterest account along with your profile picture will be displayed on any pins from your claimed social accounts.

This is great news because it means more ways to get people’s eyeballs on your content! People can click on your account, discover more content from you and pin it.

So if you’re thinking about whether you should claim your accounts on Pinterest, consider these factors:

  • all existing and future content from your claimed accounts will be attributed to you. That means that if you or anyone other than you pins content from your accounts, it will always be automatically attributed to your Pinterest account;
  • that means more traffic on both Pinterest and Instagram. This might not happen overnight but over time people may discover your Pinterest account via your Instagram posts and vice versa;
  • you’ll also get better Pinterest Analytics. You can now see data for every single action taken on your pin across Pinterest. Here’s how Pinterest explains it:

For Pins that link to your claimed website or claimed account, we calculate a Pin’s stats by aggregating the data for all Pins that share an image signature and URL into one view. For example, if multiple people save the same piece of content from your site—one using your on-site Save button, one using our browser extension, plus anyone else who re-saves those saves—we’ll aggregate the data from all of those Pins.

After linking accounts, all pins from these accounts will be attributed to you within a few days.

Ready to claim your accounts? Let’s go.


Craft a Successful Pinterest Presence Roadmap for Women Creatives & Coaches




Step 1. To claim your Etsy or YouTube accounts, click on the three dots on the top right, then click on Settings. Scroll to the Claim other accounts section.

Step 2. Click Claim next to the account you want to link.

Step 3. Confirm that you want to link accounts in the authorization section that pops up. Once that window closes the switch next to the account should be in On position which means it is now linked to your Pinterest account.



Keep in mind that Instagram accounts can only be claimed from the mobile Pinterest app on an iOS or Android phone. Before claiming make sure your app is up to date and your Instagram account is public.

Step 1. Log into your account and navigate to your Pinterest profile. On Android, you’ll need to tap on Saved, then on the hexagon button on the top right corner.

Step 2. Next tap on Edit settings an scroll down to the Claim accounts section.

Step 3. Toggle the switch next to Instagram.

Step 4. In the pop-up window confirm that you want to link your account. You should now see a confirmation message.

Step 5. After the pop-up closes the switch next to Instagram should be in On position which means your Instagram is now linked to your Pinterest account.

There you go, that’s all there is to it. Now that your website is verified, how about applying for Rich Pins to give your pins another boost? Read my complete guide on Rich Pins to learn why Rich Pins are so powerful!



How to Claim Your Website on Pinterest


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    I review air purifiers. And I am trying to get a few more eyeballs on my content. Again, thank you.

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