wouldn't it be nice if right-fit clients organically and consistently found you
on Pinterest™ and google™ without needing to rely on social media as a marketing tool?

Pinterest and SEO strategy services
for online service providers

Your brand, business, and Pinterest starting point are unique - just like your VIP day experience. Find out how we can work together depending on what you need.

It's my mission to help female service providers like you craft a low-maintenance, high-impact Pinterest presence so that they can book their dream clients, cultivate clarity & confidence with their work, and create a purposeful life that feels good — in both business and at home.

It's time to clarify your Pinterest marketing strategy and action plan, so you can stand out as an expert, grow your list, consistently land clients, and build a business that supports your life.

you deserve better.

No more googling, guessing, asking a friend,
and piecing together different strategies.



250 € / $270 USD

If you don't like or want to use social media, wish building your audience and attracting like-minded clients would feel more natural and organic, aren't sure what platforms to pick or how to make your work appear on search engines like Pinterest and Google, this chat is for you.

1:1 voxer consulting on the go

Marketing without Social Media 1:1 Support


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It's time to approach your marketing from a place of heart & strategy, not overwhelm and stress.

How I can currently support you one-on-one

incl. seven hours of Voxer support


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550 € / $ 600 usd

You've been dabbling on Pinterest without a strategy, and need a review of your account with actionable steps so you can improve your strategy and start attracting your aligned audience and right-fit people through Pinterest.

I'll comb through your Pinterest profile with a fine tooth comb and compile an actionable checklist with tasks and recommendations to help you optimize your current profile.

Pinterest Strategy Audit

quick fix

incl. audit, Google Sheets document, Voxer consultation & 1 week of support

Finally craft your Pinterest presence

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You're an online business owner.
A professional 1:1 service provider.
A woman on a mission.

Your current Pinterest approach feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. You have no idea if you're doing it right 🤷‍♀️

Pinterest Strategy Audit diagnoses the problems that are keeping you stuck and gives you action steps to get back on track. Including: comprehensive audit, action steps pdf with all my notes and recommendations, Voxer consultation walking you through the results, and one week of unlimited Voxer support.

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Not quite sure which experience is right for you? Book a free Voxer chat & I'll point you in the right direction.

We are made for each other if...

You're sensitive to tactics that feel forced, artificial and manipulative, so why would you market or sell that way? There are gentle, calm, and sustainable ways to counteract the madness.

you're ready for sustainable, organic marketing

Now that you're taking steps toward using Pinterest strategically, you don't want to download every Pinterest freebie, read every blog post, and buy courses you know you're not going to complete.

you'RE ready for one-on-one support

You want all the right people to engage with your content and sign up for your offers without spending hours every day hunting down your next client. Social media is optional, not a must have.

You're eager to stop relying on social media

As a creative, coach or a consultant with an online business, you serve clients with 1:1 services. You're looking to connect with the right clients for your business in a way that feels good to you. 

you have a service-based business

Since 2018, it's been my mission to help women in service-based businesses craft a low-maintenance, high-impact Pinterest presence so that they can book their dream clients, cultivate clarity & confidence with their work, and create a purposeful life that feels good — in both business and at home.

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I'm Maris, resident Pinterest nerd and flat white enthusiast, at your service. 

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"If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way." - Napoleon Hill


soul mail for introverts and sensitive women in service-based business 

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