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Still using a third-party link tree to display multiple links on Instagram? Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own Instagram landing page. Instagram landing page, Linktree alternative, social media tip, Instagram tip. #instagram #landingpage #socialmedia

Why You Should Create Your Own Landing Page For Instagram

Sharing links on social media is an important part of every business owner’s social strategy. Pinterest and most social media platforms make it easy but Instagram is an exception. Instagram allows only one link in bio, therefore many people use third-party link trees, most notably Linktree, to display multiple links to

Plan a super-productive schedule for your online business #smallbiz #solopreneur #businesstips #productivity #junglesoulcollective

How to Plan a Super-Productive Schedule

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that self-employment is awesome. You get to manage your working hours, work from wherever and be free. You’re happy to finally be free of rules, routine, and structure; everything that made you loathe working corporate. After all, isn’t freedom one of

How to organize Google Drive for business. Do you struggle to keep your business files organized? Files build up and out of control? Go cloud-based and implement a simple but effective file structure. I use Google Drive to keep mine under control - read more to find out how you can, too! Plus, grab my free checklist! Google Drive for Business, File Structure, File Organization, Business Files, How to Keep Files Organized, Systems, Productivity, Free Checklist, Freebie. #googledrive #businessfile

How to Organize Business Files Using Google Drive

With the number of files an online business produces and needs to function, I’m really glad most of it is digital. If you don’t have an easily manageable system, it’s going to get out of control fast. A case in point… When I first started working for myself years ago,


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