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Why I'm Switching Back to Dubsado

Why I’m Switching Back to Dubsado

The cat’s out of the bag – I’m done with HoneyBook and Hello Bonsai. Yes, I’m crawling back to Dubsado’s loving arms. Yes, I feel like a cheater who’s been given a second chance. But there is no better CRM than Dubsado and I had to give others a try


5 Things I’m Doing Differently in My Business in 2020

Are you sick of the decade in review and 2020 planning content yet? Honestly, I didn’t even realize until a few weeks ago that yet another decade is ending. The decade I graduated, turned 18, moved out, graduated again, found love, moved again, went freelance, started Jungle Soul Collective, and

How to Use Quizzes for Pinterest Lead Generation

How To Use Quizzes For Pinterest Lead Generation

Are you looking for a new way to drive traffic to your quiz and generate leads? What if I told you can do it on autopilot with Pinterest? I’ve written a guest post for the Interact blog where I break down each part of building a successful Pinterest pin to

Create a Functional & Inspiring Workspace

10 Ways to Create a Functional & Inspiring Home Workspace

Working from home is great. Working from an inspiring home workspace is even better! Besides the freedom to work in pajamas (because no one cares, especially you) you also have the freedom to create your own little work haven. A dedicated space where you feel comfortable, inspired, and get things

8 Ways to Simplify Your Business & Go From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

8 Ways to Simplify Your Business & Go From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Look, I’m going to take a wild guess. You yearn for a simple, enjoyable, sustainable, and profitable business, yet you are overwhelmed, overworked, and nowhere near that ideal. It always seems out of reach. Solopreneurs have a lot going on. There’s client work, social media, emails, content creation, Pinterest graphics,


Hey there!

I’m Maris – Pinterest marketing strategist for service-based businesses run by women, and botany enthusiast with an indoor jungle.  

As a Pinterest strategist, it’s my mission to uplevel your biz with a Pinterest presence that’s purposely crafted to connect you to the people you’re meant to serve. 

Hey, I 'm Maris!

As a Pinterest strategist for service-based businesses run by women, I spend my days helping business owners get started with Pinterest marketing from my cozy, plant-filled home office in Tartu, Estonia.
Through my signature Pinterest marketing framework, I help you a craft strategic Pinterest presence that attracts, connects with & converts your ideal clients on autopilot, so you can keep living and working on your own terms. 


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