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How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

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How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

Did you know that the way your boards are set up determines if they’re searchable, visible and work for you, not against you? Yup. You want them to show up in search results but that is only going to happen if you take the time to optimize your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest board optimization comes down to using the right keywords in the right places.

The simple reason behind it is that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Proper keyword usage along with a good understanding of how your target audience thinks is the key to getting discovered.

Wondering how to optimize your Pinterest boards? Here’s a quick rundown!



I’m about to dive into all the ways you can use keyword magic to pump up the visibility of your Pinterest boards.

If you’re completely new to SEO and Pinterest and all this keyword talk makes your eyes turn into question marks, you need a crash course on Pinterest keywords.

I have one right here -> feel free to ditch this post for now and learn everything you need to know about what are keywords, why you need them, how to find them and how to use them! Once you have that knowledge you’re ready to get started!

By the way, so pumped about your Pinterest journey! You’ve got it, girl.


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Grab the checklist now!




There are THREE important places to include keywords when you’re setting up your boards: board title, category and board description. Let’s take a closer look.



Board categories often get ignored but there’s one good reason you should pick one for each board. Board categories are searchable and give Pinterest an idea of what your board is about (well, technically that’s two reasons #cantcount).

Choosing a Pinterest board category

This is what Pinterest has to say about board categories:

Whenever you create a new board, make sure to assign a content category. This helps us understand more about your content, and affects where your Pins appear on Pinterest.

The strategy is simple: choose the most relevant category or closest match.



Board titles help Pinterest users (and Pinterest itself) understand what the board is about. Choose a search-friendly title and avoid using fun, cutesy or creative names that only make sense to you.

Board titles are searchable and unless your title includes a keyword, your board won’t show up in search results.

Although board titles can be up to 180 characters long, that does not mean you should keyword stuff. Don’t go overboard – use Pinterest’s guided search to find a simple and relevant keywords that your target audience is actually searching for.

Below is an example of when I typed in email marketing. Based on the guided search, I could name my board Email Marketing Tips or Email Marketing Strategy. I could even make a board specifically for collecting Email Marketing Subject Lines.

Email Marketing Board Title Ideas



Board description explains the content of a Pinterest board in 500 characters or less. It’s also very important from an SEO standpoint.

A well-written description includes relevant keywords and helps Pinterest rank it in search results. Just like when selecting a board title, avoid cutesy and creative wording and make sure to research your keywords.

The correct way to generate a good board description is to write a couple of lines in a clear, descriptive and conversational language while weaving in keywords. If you find it difficult to come up with a description, think about how you and your target audience would be searching for that particular topic and they would describe the board.

Board description



By now you should have your boards properly set up with titles, categories and descriptions. Yet, something is missing…

Right, the pins!

Pinterest boards are nothing without pins. Boards and pins go together like hand and glove.

The best way to indicate Pinterest what your board is about is to pin relevant keyworded content to it!

Pinterest makes it really simple for you by presenting you with a selection of pins it thinks is relevant to the board right after you create a new board.

Save pins on a new board

Alternatively, you can to the more ideas section of your board to find relevant content suggested by Pinterest. Don’t forget to add your own content!





As you see, keywording is a crucial part of setting up your boards. Once you nail that part, you’re good to go. But wait! Here are three more tips for things you can do to improve your boards game.



Should you create Pinterest board sections?

My answer is a simple NO. Board sections are there for organizational purposes. They do not optimize your boards for better results or help you get found by your ideal client. Pinterest has said themselves that board sections “don’t influence how your content ranks in search”.

Keep in mind that your Pinterest profile should be attractive to your ideal client. If anything, board sections make it harder and more uncomfortable for your target audience to find and save your pins.

That being said, sections are perfect for organizing your personal boards.



Featured boards are a collection of rotating boards that are displayed in your Activity tab. These are the first boards your visitors see when they land on your profile so choose them wisely.

Featured boards



One last thing!

While you’re on a board optimizing roll, evaluate your public boards to ensure they are relevant to your business, niche and target audience. Hide outdated, unrelated and personal boards.

Archiving especially is useful if you’re converting a personal account to a business account and need to make room for business boards. If you’d like to save ideas for your own personal use without creating a separate account, simply make your personal boards secret and keep using them like before. Secret boards are only seen by you and board followers.


Grab the checklist now!



How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

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