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Make Pinning Easy! How to Add a Pin It Button to Your Website

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Add a hover pin it button to the images on your website and blog to make it easier to pin your stuff. Results in more pins, more traffic. Pinterest pin it button, custom pin it button, Pinterest tips, Pinterest manager, Jungle Soul Collective #pinterest#pinteresttips #junglesoulcollective

Since adding Pinterest auditing to my services, I’ve noticed that most of my clients don’t have a pin it button on their website. When asked about it, some didn’t know about that option, others didn’t think it was worth the trouble. Yet, making it super easy to pin your images helps you out in the long run!

Add a pin it button to your website – it’s an easy-peasy tweak but can make a huge difference in the number of shares and traffic to your site. This is how you do it.



The point of Pinterest is to boost your visibility and drive traffic to your website and posts. Let’s say you have captivating pin designs. Now, how do you get your content out there? How do you make people share your content?

Adding a pin it button (also known as hover button) for your images makes it easy for your readers to share your posts and images to Pinterest. As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, people are pretty lazy when it comes to sharing content so you need to do everything you can on your part to deliver it to them on a silver platter.

With a pin button, the user can save your post to their Pinterest board in just a few clicks. It’s a huge save time saver! How often do you make an effort to save an article to Pinterest without that save button in the corner of the image? I assume not that often – saving to the bookmarks bar in quicker.



There are a few ways to get a pin it button on your website. Keep in mind, the solutions we’ll talk about in this post are geared towards for WordPress users.

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Pinterest has a widget button for creating your own save button! No need to download a plugin or mess around on Photoshop.

Read about the official save button here, and build your button here.

Pinterest Widget Builder



jQuery Pin It Button is a free WordPress plugin designed for displaying a pin button.

It’s well-loved and widely used and for a good reason. It’s just that easy to use! If you’re just starting out or want to keep costs down, this plugin is where it’s at.

1. Install the jQuery Pin It Button for Images plugin

To enable pin it button on your site, go to Plugins – > Add New and search for jQuery Pin It Button for Images. Install and activate the plugin.

jQuery Pin It Button Plugin

Once the plugin has been activated, go through the settings. Under “Selection” set the pages you want the button to be shown, like this:


Under “Selection” set the pages you want the buttons to be shown.

Tip: unless you want the button to show up on small images, thumbnails, and icons, don’t forget to set the minimum image resolution under “Minimum image resolution”.


2. Customize your button.

The wonderful thing about this plugin is how much you can customize your button to match your branding. Under the “Visual” tab you can set when and where the button shows up, which text it displays on Pinterest and what the button looks like.

Visual settings

You can choose between built-in button designs or upload your own design. I used this plugin for a few years with my own custom button design created in Photoshop.



If you’re looking to get more than just a pin button, you might want to look into investing in a specialized plugin. There are several tools out there but Social Warfare and Tasty Pins are best known and trusted. Both come with a built-in hover button.

Social Warfare is everyone’s favorite social sharing plugin. Their Pinterest features are only available in the pro version ($29 per year) and include a custom Pinterest description, hidden pin images and pin button on images.

December 2018 update: I no longer recommend Social Warfare. Although I love the functionality, the plugin is known to break and crash sites after each update. They haven’t been able to fix this for a while so use at your own caution! I recommend sticking with Tasty Pins (which is what I use) or Social Pug.

Unlike Social Warfare, Tasty Pins is specialized in optimizing for Pinterest and includes a few features SW lacks, such as disabling website images for pinning, hiding multiple alternative images to your post and forcing a certain image to get pinned (doesn’t matter what image the user picked). That’s why it’s my preference.

Pinterest description

Photo from

So which one should you pick? The two plugins do slightly different things and I’d say it comes down to how much control you want over what gets shared on Pinterest. Both plugins are great. Social Warfare is an all-around wonderful social sharing app that gives control over other social networks too. Tasty Pins focuses on one network and is exceptionally good at it.

I’ve now used both and honestly prefer Tasty Pins (am in the process of switching over as we speak) purely for the extra features that SW doesn’t have. I love any app that simplifies my life and gives me more control over my content on Pinterest and I don’t mind paying $29 a year for something so useful.


Do you use a hover button on your website? What’s your favorite tool for displaying the button?


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Are you making Pinterest sharing easy? Here's a fact: the easier it is to pin your content, the more often people will do it. Install a custom pin it button over your images on your blog to make pinning easier. Result? More pins, wider reach, more traffic. Click to read more about the different ways you can add a pin it button. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #pinteresthacks #junglesoulcollective

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