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Pinterest Business Account: Should You Convert or Create a New Business Account?

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Should You Convert or Create A New Pinterest Account?

Are you ready to create a Pinterest presence for your creative/coaching business? Then it’s time to create a Pinterest business account. There are two ways you can do this:

a) convert an existing personal account to a business account

b) start a new business account from scratch.

If you’re completely new to Pinterest – lucky for you – you only have the option to start a brand new account and build it from the ground up.


What if you’re like most of The Blush Experience clients who are already avid personal pinners? You have a personal account and now you’re wondering whether you should convert it to a business account or start a separate business account.


This is something I help my clients do all the time.

Here’s the framework I use for determining whether a client would be better off converting their personal account to a business account:

a) You have created at least 20 on-brand pins pointing to your original content

b) You have at least 15 boards in your niche (and at least 30 niche pins on each board)

c) You have at least 50-100 followers in your niche

d) You’re not an avid personal pinner and/or don’t want to manage two accounts.


If you ticked the first three points, you’ve already invested a considerable amount of time and work into your account. You should consider converting and hiding everything that’s not in your niche. 

The amount of followers in your niche is important because as a business pinner, you want followers who are interested in your content and engage with it. If your followers engage with your content, it signals Pinterest that it’s good stuff and should be shown to more people.

Let’s say the business you’re creating the account for is a web design studio. So far you’ve pinned makeup tutorials, hairstyles and nail art, but after converting to a business account you suddenly start pinning Squarespace tips and brand boards. People who hit follow because they liked the contouring tutorials you saved are most likely not going to be interested in what you have to say about building a biz website with Squarespace.

If you’re someone who vigorously uses Pinterest for your own personal needs and wants to pin with no limitations, I recommend you create a new business account from scratch for your business.

On a personal note, I prefer having a separate personal account for pinning all the ideas that are unrelated to my business and hobby blog. This way it’s easier to keep business and fun separate: I batch task all the work for my business accounts and pin for fun the rest of the time.





Pinterest knows its users need different accounts for different purposes and has made switching between accounts simple. If you decide to have separate personal and business accounts, you don’t need to log in and out to switch!

Simply click on the three dots on the top right corner and click “Add account” to make your other account show up in the list.



There is a distinct difference between a personal and business account: one is about you and the other is about them (your ideal audience).

Your personal account is probably a catch-all of all your interests and there is no limit to what you can pin and where you can pin it.

Your business account is there to help you drive traffic to your blog posts and lead magnets, help you attract your ideal client and grow your email list. It has a clear purpose. It also has a niche (for example, web design).

To grow your business account, you need to commit to pinning content in your niche (instead of whatever looks interesting).



After converting your account, audit your board situation and secret any boards are that off-brand and don’t align with your business niche. You can still save to secret boards but they are no longer visible to other people and the pins you save there won’t appear to your followers.


Ready to convert your personal account? I have an entire blog post about how to convert and set up your business profile and boards. You can read it here!


Pinterest Business Account: Convert or Start Fresh?

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I’m Maris – Pinterest marketing strategist for service-based businesses run by women, and botany enthusiast with an indoor jungle.  

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Hey, I 'm Maris!

As a Pinterest strategist for service-based businesses run by women, I spend my days helping business owners get started with Pinterest marketing from my cozy, plant-filled home office in Tartu, Estonia.
Through my signature Pinterest marketing framework, I help you a craft strategic Pinterest presence that attracts, connects with & converts your ideal clients on autopilot, so you can keep living and working on your own terms. 


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