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Pinterest vs Instagram: Which Is Right for You?

Pinterest vs Instagram: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Are you having a hard time deciding what platform you should use for your service-based business – Pinterest vs Instagram? Many creatives and coaches have trouble understanding the difference between the two and how each can work in a marketing strategy. In this post, I’ll explain the differences and give

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Board

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

Did you know that the way your boards are set up determines if they’re searchable, visible and work for you, not against you? Yup. You want them to show up in search results but that is only going to happen if you take the time to optimize your Pinterest boards.

How to Use Quizzes for Pinterest Lead Generation

How To Use Quizzes For Pinterest Lead Generation

Are you looking for a new way to drive traffic to your quiz and generate leads? What if I told you can do it on autopilot with Pinterest? I’ve written a guest post for the Interact blog where I break down each part of building a successful Pinterest pin to

How to Use Keywords on Pinterest

How to Use Keywords on Pinterest

Are you wondering how to make your content show up on Pinterest search results? Did you just say yes? Then mark your calendar because your new high priority task is to get your feet wet in the Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) department. We’re going to discuss the importance of


Hey there!

I’m Maris – Pinterest marketing strategist for service-based businesses run by women, and botany enthusiast with an indoor jungle.  

As a Pinterest strategist, it’s my mission to uplevel your biz with a Pinterest presence that’s purposely crafted to connect you to the people you’re meant to serve. 

Hey, I 'm Maris!

As a Pinterest strategist for service-based businesses run by women, I spend my days helping business owners get started with Pinterest marketing from my cozy, plant-filled home office in Tartu, Estonia.
Through my signature Pinterest marketing framework, I help you a craft strategic Pinterest presence that attracts, connects with & converts your ideal clients on autopilot, so you can keep living and working on your own terms. 


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