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Plan a super-productive schedule for your online business #smallbiz #solopreneur #businesstips #productivity #junglesoulcollective

How to Plan a Super-Productive Schedule

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that self-employment is awesome. You get to manage your working hours, work from wherever and be free. You’re happy to finally be free of rules, routine, and structure; everything that made you loathe working corporate. After all, isn’t freedom one of

How to organize Google Drive for business. Do you struggle to keep your business files organized? Files build up and out of control? Go cloud-based and implement a simple but effective file structure. I use Google Drive to keep mine under control - read more to find out how you can, too! Plus, grab my free checklist! Google Drive for Business, File Structure, File Organization, Business Files, How to Keep Files Organized, Systems, Productivity, Free Checklist, Freebie. #googledrive #businessfile

How to Organize Business Files Using Google Drive

A little while ago I talked about good habits that help keep digital clutter under control, including the importance of a consistent file naming system and regular filing. Well, now it’s time to take a step further and delve into the world of cloud storage (Google Drive for business, to be

Do you struggle to stay focused, tick tasks of your to-do list and remain productive when working from home? A lot of solopreneurs do. There are so many factors that affect your ability to stay laser focused and actually get stuff done. The key to boosting your productivity is eliminating those annoying factors. Give your productivity a boost! #productivity #productivitytips #solopreneur #businesstips #smallbiz #junglesoulcollective

How to Boost Your Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home is often idealized. No annoying commute, ability to wake up and work whenever you feel like doing so, no boss looking over your shoulder, pajamas count as dress code, flexible schedule… Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, being your own boss comes with its own challenges that can


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