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I help ambitious and passionate women entrepreneurs spruce up their Pinterest profiles, create a winning strategy, and increase reach, leads, and traffic on autopilot. 



Pinterest is where it’s at these days. It’s a wonderful and powerful platform but running a business account that stands out on your own can leave you feeling time-strapped, overwhelmed and frustrated.

No more!

It’s my mission to take the burden off your shoulders and make sure they you get to operate in your zone of genius and spend more time doing things you love, whether it’s spending time with your family or focusing on taking good care of their clients.

I take the busy out of your business and put some time back in.

What's your Pinterest secret sauce?


Before founding Jungle Soul Collective in the spring of 2018, I had been blogging for over 9 years and using Pinterest for both my own fun and to promote my content since 2012. Somewhere down the line, I realized how much I love Pinterest.

It was and (obviously) is my absolute favorite platform.

Over the years I had learned a lot about how to use it and the ins and outs. I had seen up close what Pinterest can do for your content and how much traffic it can generate.

So when I felt like I needed to level up my freelance career and make my dream of starting a business a reality, I knew what to do.

I combined my education and experience in marketing and business management and passion for Pinterest to serve other wonderful businesswomen.

Since Jungle Soul Collective is a passion project turned into a passionate career, I’m able to offer my client the best experience by pouring my heart and soul into everything I do.

I’ll be your Pinterest bestie.

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