I'm your girl.

I’m Maris, the Pinterest marketing strategist for women-led service-based businesses.

You’ve poured your heart and valuable time into creating a signature offer that plays to your unique zone of genius and solves a painful problem for your clients.

You know that Pinterest is the next logical step to getting your offer out there but doing it in a way that actually connects you to your ideal clients? You’re not sure where to begin. 

Keywords, graphics, pinning strategies – it’s all a blur. The longer you look into it, overwhelm takes over and analysis paralysis sets in.

You don’t know where to start. You don’t know how to do it right. You don’t have the time to waste on figuring this out.  

Jungle Soul Collective was created to help purposeful creatives and coaches like you craft a Pinterest presence that attracts your ideal clients, grows your list and helps you book out your signature offer. 

Are you ready to go from overwhelmed to running a Pinterest account that brings leads to your core offer?


If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no. If you don't step forward, you'll remain in the same place.

Jungle Soul Collective is founded on the core concept that your business should be built around your zone of genius and should work for your life. 

Life is what you make it – it’s what I’ve observed to be true.

You didn’t start your business to work long hours, earn mediocre money and struggle to find the time and energy for things in life that light you up. 

You’re here because your zone of genius helps you work wiser, make a difference for your clients, earn more, be present with the people you love & live the life you want to live.

Pinterest is the perfect low-maintenance platform to help you attract your audience’s attention, add them to your email list and move them closer to working with you without needing to be physically present every day.  Um, yes, please!?

I specialize in helping you get started with Pinterest marketing so you can go after the life and clients you want.

I'm here to empower you with Pinterest marketing services and education that translate into more confidence, more connections, more income, and more freedom to keep living and working on your own terms.

Pinterest is the first touchpoint your potential client or customer has with your business, your signature offer is the destination. How do you get them there?

Pinterest algorithm changes constantly. You don’t really know what your competitor is doing so copying is a waste of time. Piecing together information from outdated online articles is tiring AF. Quick win strategies may or may not grow your vanity metrics, and won’t get you closer to converting leads. 

The pillars of a successful Pinterest presence, however, are always constant:

  • marketing strategy that leads the way
  • strong keyword strategy that boosts your content
  • visuals that get the click 
  • consistent marketing plan that brings your audience to your website
  • customer journey that converts. 

It 's about focusing on the right things.

My approach to Pinterest marketing is authentic, no-fluff and practical. I’m not here to sell you an airy-fairy solution that promises a quick fix and fast results. 

Pinterest is not just another platform to show up on because you think you need to.

It’s one element of the system your business uses to attract and capture your audience’s attention. 

When we work together, I use the system I’ve developed over the years, but specific decisions are made based on your business goals and follow Pinterest best practices. 

I value

I started two “companies” as a kid. The first one designed and produced colorful band-aids and gifted them to friends and family members in need. Got a cut? Here, have a cute band-aid!

The second one was a hand-made cosmetics “company”. I got the order, invoiced the customer (funnily enough, using an actual template #legit) and got to work. The products were drawn on a piece of paper, colored in and cut out. Totally real… except two-dimensional. But it didn’t matter because I wanted to make a difference. Making others smile made me happy.

The search for fulfillment and a deeper meaning in everything followed me to adulthood. I knew deep down that I wasn’t cut out for corporate life and refused to settle for anything less than life and work on my terms. 

I also knew I wanted to eventually move to the countryside to enjoy a slower lifestyle and nurture my passions so creating a career that I love and that comes with me wherever I go was a non-negotiable. 

However, I had no clue how to make it happen so I went to university and studied Estonian philology, IT and marketing, the three things I found fascinating.  

I also started my first monetized blog and freelanced on the side, which led me to discover Pinterest in 2012. 

Long story short, what had originally started as a mission to grow my blog, now turned into another freelance career as I almost accidentally landed an opportunity to do social media management for small businesses. 

It was terrifying at first! It is one thing to know the theory and experiment with your own accounts, but a completely different ballgame to do it for someone who has a lot more skin in the game. 

Three years of social media management taught me that while I love marketing, I don’t enjoy working with social media as much as Pinterest. Unfulfillment in me started to show in my work. It was my cue to stop. 

Pinterest I loved and wanted to do more of! My clients’ great results on Pinterest also confirmed my instinct to niche down and focus on making a difference with one great thing

In 2018 I finally gathered the courage to take a step further and start Jungle Soul Collective.

It wasn’t an overnight success, but I did book out (and start a waitlist) my main offer within 6 months of launching.

In a way, I’m my own best case study… 

Most days you can find me working in my cozy home office surrounded with my houseplants, with a cup of flat white on my desk and 80s one-hit wonders playing in the background…

THIS IS Priit, my better half

My love, partner, friend, mentor and support system! If it weren’t for his support and encouragement, I would probably still be side-hustle freelancing. He is a huge reason why Jungle Soul Collective exists.


I have a crap-ton of plants, herbs & veggies and I love them all. It started as an obsession and grew into a large scale hobby that keeps me grounded (pun totally intended). 


I mean, who doesn’t love to travel, right? Priit and I have also made a tradition out of documenting our adventures in a travel video so we have something to look back to when we’re older.

Secret talent
My family sometimes jokes I was born organized. Apparently, I've been tackling messy areas with ease since I learned how to walk. I also love to clean (uh, it's so therapeutic!) which, according to my friends, makes me a weirdo.
I must confess
I love Christmas, it gets me excited like a kid. The longest I can wait to decorate the tree is November 25 but that's not the confession. It's the fact I can't wait to watch Home Alone and usually give in during the first week of October! Also, I love the third movie (anyone with me?)
No guilty pleasures
I've seen every season of Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives at least 40 times. What can I say, I'm a bit obsessed! I'm also a fan of 90s thrillers like The Net and Unlawful Entry.
A contradiction
In a truly contradictory INFJ way I’m a massive homebody while also having a knack for adventures and travel. My home is my castle, hideaway and favorite place ever! New Zealand is a very close second in my list of favorite places - it left an unforgettable impression on me. Take me back!
False impression
People sometimes get the impression I'm shy or quiet. I'm actually neither of those things - unless we've just met. Small talk is excruciating - let's just skip to meaningful topics!
Multilingual Estonian
I was born and raised in Northern Estonia. Yep, you guessed it, Estonian is my native language. Like most Estonians, I can also speak three foreign languages (English, Russian and Finnish).

Begin your Pinterest journey in confidence

What if Pinterest consistently exposed you to your dream audience while you do more of what you love?

Together we’ll take the overwhelm out of starting a Pinterest business presence and create the strong foundation you need to consistently attract your people, grow your list and book clients.