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Why You Should Create Your Own Landing Page For Instagram

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Still using a third-party link tree to display multiple links on Instagram? Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own Instagram landing page. Instagram landing page, Linktree alternative, social media tip, Instagram tip. #instagram #landingpage #socialmedia

Sharing links on social media is an important part of every business owner’s social strategy. Pinterest and most social media platforms make it easy but Instagram is an exception. Instagram allows only one link in bio, therefore many people use third-party link trees, most notably Linktree, to display multiple links to visitors.

I was no different for a while, until one day I realized it might be doing more harm than good. I decided to stop using Linktree and create a landing page on my website. There are several reasons why you should create your own landing page for Instagram – that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. I’ll also share how I created my custom landing page.



I figured out why I was really using Linktree.

Convenience. Using Linktree is convenient because they provide an interface and make the process super simple. You can get your landing page up and running in a few minutes.

I started using Linktree when I rebranded into this business (Jungle Soul Collective). I didn’t think long because as a fresh business owner I had so much on my to-do list (and even more on my mind) that I just wanted to get those links out there so I could deal with other more important things.


But now, looking back, I see that I sacrificed some things for convenience. Things like traffic and branding.

Here are the reasons you should build your own landing page for Instagram.



Traffic is the most important thing. You want your visitors to become your followers, readers and eventually clients, right? So why direct traffic away from your site?

When you use Linktree or another third-party link builder, the user has to click twice to get on your site: once on your Linktree link and then on the button.

The first (and sometimes the only) click you get from your Instagram bio takes the visitor straight to Linktree instead of your website. Do you see the problem here?

The goal is to get people on your website, so there’s no point in using a third-party middleman.

People are bombarded with information every minute they’re online and have a short attention span. The more steps it takes for them to get on your site, the bigger the likelihood of abandoning the process altogether.

So make it easy for them. Use a landing page on your own site with your own branding and get your visitors exactly where you want them to be.



When I was using Linktree, my main problem (other than losing traffic) was the inability to customize it to match my branding without upgrading to premium. Their choice of backgrounds is limited, to say the least, and you can’t change any fonts.

Sure, you could upgrade to premium but why pay for something you can do better on your own? The premium version still caps your design control at changing themes, colors, button color and font.

Your landing page should be on-brand and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a list of buttons. You could use photos and fun design elements (as long as it’s mobile-friendly) to spice it up but that’s only possible on your own website.



With third-party link builders, your link is going to look something like this:

To be honest, it took me a while to recognize what was wrong with that and now I just can’t unsee it. It’s confusing and you’re missing out on promoting your own brand.

Isn’t just so much better?



Another reason to create your own landing page is the fact that Linktree and the like are third-party tools. Unlike your website, you don’t own it and it could be down for a while or gone in an instant (so can Instagram, but that’s another story). Just recently (this post was written in July 2018) Linktree somehow got blocked by Instagram and many people couldn’t use their Linktree profile anymore.

By using your own site as your Instagram landing page, you’ll have more control and ownership.



This is a minor concern because you don’t have to pay for the basic version of Linktree. However, as I mentioned before, the basic version is limited and to get customization and other pro features you’ll have pay 6 bucks a month.

It’s hardly going to break the bank but why pay for something you can replicate on your own website for free?



Making your own Instagram landing page is easy if you’re using WordPress and a site builder (I’m not very familiar with Squarespace but I’ve heard it’s just as easy over there). I used Elementor, my preferred site builder.

You can see my current landing page in action here


1. Create a new page and use your page builder to set it up.

To avoid user overwhelm, I decided to only include a button for my services page, recent and featured content from the blog and a signup form for my email list. Minimal but practical.



2. Give the new page a short but catchy slug.

Something like this:


3. Paste the link to your Instagram profile. 

And you’re done! You’re now directing visitors straight to your website.



Still using a third-party link tree to display multiple links on Instagram? You might be doing more harm than good -it's time to discover a Linktree alternative! Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own Instagram landing page and Instagram tips. #instagram #socialmedia #instagramtips

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